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Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Round Table

FREE workplace wellbeing strategy roundtable for Wellbeing, HR, Health & Safety and occupational health professionals.

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Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Round Table Webinar
hosted by Elliot Foster, Workplace Wellbeing Strategy Consultant of SuperWellness

Do these challenges sound familiar?

– Low engagement with wellbeing activities (or difficulty engaging certain employee groups)
– Gaps in line manager wellbeing awareness and skills
– Challenges measuring wellbeing success
– Wellbeing communications competing with many other organisational messages
– Limited time available to drive forward wellbeing initiatives

Is there a quick-fix solution?

No there isn’t. However as the most recent CIPD wellbeing report shows, organisations which take a strategic approach to wellbeing report more than double the success rate of those that don’t across multiple areas including:

  • Morale and engagement
  • Sickness absence
  • Staff retention
Making a positive difference

Many employers already have in place foundations which allow them to support employees in crisis, whether it’s through an Employee Assistance Programme or trained mental health first-aiders.
However, a workplace wellbeing strategy has the potential to make a much greater impact, as it becomes more embedded in organisations.

Towards a more strategic approach

As a wellbeing lead in your organisation, you are in a prime position to make a positive difference for colleagues, present and future. But where do you start?
This is exactly what we’ll be covering in this workplace wellbeing strategy webinar round-table, including insights and discussion around:

  • What stage are you at on your wellbeing strategy journey?
  • What makes a workplace wellbeing strategy? A look at 6 elements including objectives, measurement, frameworks, interventions, communications and team
  • Tips for building engagement
Our aim is for you to leave this session with:
  • A renewed sense of purpose and excitement about this important role
  • A deeper understanding for the key principles that underpin successful wellbeing programmes, and what might be missing currently
  • A detailed view of the building blocks that make up a successful workplace wellbeing strategy

As a round table webinar, we aim to make the session as interactive as possible and encourage participants to share their experiences and insights throughout.

Why SuperWellness?

A track record of success
For more than a decade, we’ve been helping organisations maximise the potential of their employees with our award-winning lifestyle-centred approach to workplace wellbeing.

Diverse experience
We’ve worked with over 500 organisations of every shape and size. Whether you’re aiming to connect and engage your employees or support them around specific challenges like shift work, we can help.

Genuinely supportive
We know the path to change can be long and winding – so we take an enthusiastic, encouraging approach that’s refreshingly practical, down to earth and collaborative.


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