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Mastering Self-Belief: Tackling the ‘Imposter Phenomenon’ in the Workplace

Discover the hidden barriers to success and personal fulfillment with our insightful exploration of the Imposter Phenomenon.

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More than 8 out of 10 people suffer from ‘Imposter Phenomenon’ at one point or another. Most of us will have felt this fear of being exposed as a fraud and doubted our own accomplishments and it can be a paralysing feeling, which ultimately can hold us back from expressing our full potential.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to building a healthy mindset within your team, this transformational workshop provides a toolbox of evidence-based techniques to empower individuals to develop a positive sense of confidence and self-belief.

Who is the ‘Tackling the Imposter Phenomenon in the Workplace’ workshop for?

Created for professionals at all career stages, our Imposter Phenomenon webinar is aimed at individuals seeking to navigate self-doubt, boost confidence, and cultivate a resilient mindset in the workplace. Whether you’re a seasoned leader, a rising star, or someone navigating a new role, this session offers fresh insights and evidence-based strategies to practise. If your team or organisation operates in sales, marketing, advertising or branding, or knowledge industries such as education, consulting, science, finance, insurance, information technology, health, this session is a must for building business-critical skills.

What the Tackling the ‘Imposter Phenomenon’ in the Workplace session covers:

  • Understanding the Imposter Phenomenon and its psychological underpinning, including concepts such as perfectionism as social comparison.
  • How to recognise the Imposter Phenomenon, using a checklist of internal and external signs to look out for.
  • Identifying different types of ‘imposter’: are you an ‘expert’, a ‘superhero’, or a ‘soloist’ perhaps?
  • The cost of the Imposter Phenomenon: discussing a range of scenarios and examples in the workplace
  • Using an evidence-based scale to measure its impact.
  • Strategies for overcoming the Imposter Phenomenon, including proven cognitive behavioural techniques, self-compassion and tools for managers.

Participants will leave this session with a profound understanding of the Imposter Phenomenon, an ability to recognise destructive patterns of self-doubt, and a rich toolbox of strategies that go well beyond generic solutions, to build and contribute to the workplace newfound healthy skills of confidence and authenticity.

Also included: The ‘Building self-belief’ worksheet and a 12-page booklet, packed with tips and techniques.

Unique benefits:

This Imposter Phenomenon workshop goes beyond generic solutions, fostering a supportive environment and increased awareness of this phenomenon that affects most people, and offering evidence-based, practical strategies that address the specific challenges individuals face in their professional roles.

Key outcomes:

Participants will be guided to reflect on key techniques which resonate for them and personal action steps they wish to practise as a result. They will come away from this session with heightened confidence, improved resilience and a renewed sense of authenticity in their professional lives. Overcoming the imposter syndrome at work and setting the stage for sustained success.

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