Evaluate 6 key aspects of your wellbeing strategy

Answer 26 questions and receive your personalised wellbeing audit pdf report

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Starting from scratch or unsure what to prioritise next?

More and more organisations are putting in place a formal wellbeing strategy (over 51% according to the most recent CIPD health & wellbeing report). Those who do are reporting benefits such as improved morale and engagement, lower sickness absence, enhanced employer brand, better productivity and staff retention.

If you are currently wondering where to start, or how to go about re-energising your existing wellbeing strategy, feel free to try out our mini wellbeing audit tool. It’s completely free to use and will provide you with a personalised report and recommendations for next steps.

It takes just 3 minutes to complete the 26 yes/no questions and your pdf report will be emailed straight to your inbox.

You will also receive a link to book a free 30-minute consultation with one of our workplace wellbeing specialists. We are there to listen and help guide you on your next steps, and since we believe in building long-term collaborative relationships, without any hard-sell or pressure to use our services.

wellbeing audit report
Wellbeing audit

What is

Evaluate 6 key aspects of your wellbeing strategy


Your objectives

What are you looking to achieve?


How will you measure success?


Which model should you adopt?



A gap analysis of current interventions

Wellbeing calendar

Wellbeing calendar planning

Campaigns to build engagement



Who is involved and what are the key roles?

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