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Are you looking to make your organisation more menopause-friendly?

Almost a quarter of women leave their jobs because of the symptoms they suffer during the menopause, from sleep problems to anxiety and memory issues. Although much work has been done in recent years towards addressing the taboo at work, there are still many layers of progress needed to make most workplaces menopause-friendly.

Our menopause training for managers is designed to improve awareness and understanding among leaders, as well as equipping them with practical steps to better support employees and peers. This 2-hour interactive and insightful menopause training session covers:

  • Key facts you may not know about menopause in the workplace
  • Understanding some of the physiology foundations, symptoms and resulting experiences
  • The impact of diet and lifestyle for preventing menopause symptoms and how employers can help
  • Your role as a manager and what you can do to help
  • How to have open and honest conversations around a sensitive topic
  • Discussing examples and scenarios and how to approach different situations
  • Dos and don’ts for supporting colleagues
  • Making adjustments in the workplace
  • Managing health issues affecting performance
  • Useful resources for managers and employees

Benefits of the menopause training for managers:

  • Help break the taboo and stigma around menopause in the workplace
  • Build awareness, empathy and understanding among managers and co-workers
  • Take away practical skills for communicating in a sensitive and supportive way
  • Gain an understanding of adjustments which can be made to help alleviate different challenges around menopause

Looking to run a wider webinar on menopause for employees?

Our Menopause Awareness at Work Training can be complemented by our 1-hour Understanding and Embracing the Menopause Workshop, where we share more in-depth insights and lifestyle-related advice.

Menopause awareness training

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