Network Rail Champions Nutrition as Part of its Mental Wellbeing Strategy

We’ve been privileged to work with employees of Network Rail this summer, running an event focused on nutrition for mental wellbeing.

The event took place at the Reading Delivery Unit of Network Rail’s Western route and was designed to support the route’s predominantly male workforce to increase physical activity and reduce unhealthy eating habits such as frequent snacking.

The initiative is part of Network Rail’s drive to support mental health and address fatigue, obesity and sleep-related issues among its 3000 employees on the Western route. The company is keen to support its shift workers in particular since shift work comes with specific wellbeing challenges and health risks.

Senior HR Business Partner Julija Clapp said: “Improving mental health among our employees is at the forefront of our wellbeing agenda. We recognise that nutrition plays an important part in employees’ wellbeing and it was fantastic to see our staff embrace tips shared by SuperWellness.”

The day included workshops focusing on ‘Food for the Mind’, providing practical nutritional strategies for addressing issues such as stress, low mood and anxiety. Attendees were given insights into key nutrients that are beneficial for the brain and conversely, the ‘mind-melters’ that can affect both mood and cognitive performance. Group coaching sessions were included, aimed at helping attendees create meal plans and overcome barriers to healthy habits. Body composition testing was also on offer, alongside personalised nutritional advice to improve results around key statistics such as body fat, muscle mass, weight, visceral fat rating and metabolic age.

Get in touch:

If you would like to know more about the benefits of a nutritional approach for specific workplace wellbeing challenges such as:

  • Reducing specific health risks associated with shift work
  • Promoting mental wellbeing as well as physical through lifestyle behaviour change
  • Addressing sleep related issues through diet and lifestyle

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