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Zinc Taste Test: Test for Zinc Deficiency

A fun zinc taste test to indicate zinc levels in the body.

Onsite activities
Zinc Taste Testing Cups

Elevate your onsite wellbeing activity with the exciting addition of Zinc taste testing.

Engage your senses and promote a healthy lifestyle through this interactive experience. Discover the benefits of zinc as an essential mineral while providing a memorable and educational opportunity for participants to optimise their overall wellbeing.

Adding zinc taste testing will leave a lasting impression and empower individuals to make informed choices for their physical health and wellbeing.

How the zinc taste test sessions are run

During zinc taste testing sessions, participants are guided through a simple and engaging process. The facilitator administers a small amount of a zinc solution to each participant. The participants then taste the solution and provide feedback on the taste sensation experienced.

Based on the taste response, participants are categorized into different groups that typically include “no taste,” “strong taste,” or “somewhere in between.” These categories provide insights into the individual’s zinc status. For example, those who experience no taste or a very mild taste may indicate a potential zinc deficiency, while those with a strong taste may suggest sufficient zinc levels.

What is covered

Once the tests are complete, the facilitator explains the significance of the taste response and educates participants about the importance of zinc in maintaining overall health and well-being. The facilitator also offers further information on dietary sources of zinc and the potential health benefits associated with maintaining adequate zinc levels.

Overall, zinc taste testing sessions offer a hands-on and interactive experience that raises awareness about zinc status and encourages participants to prioritise their nutritional needs for optimal wellbeing.

Please note: This is an indicative test and not diagnostic. If any participant is concerned about their zinc status they should consult a medical professional.

How the sessions are promoted

We’ll set up all of the promotional material for you, which can include, based on your requirements, an email invitation and printable posters. We will also set up a link to an online booking page allowing us to manage bookings in the run up to the event. For a first time visit, we recommend allowing some open sessions for employees to drop into if they decide to on the day, since they are finding out for the first time what to expect, and will often wish to attend after hearing feedback from colleagues.

What people say:

‘’A huge thank you for the event. It was so well attended and went above my expectations. It certainly got people talking. Becca was amazing so knowledgeable and so lovely it was a pleasure to have her in our offices.”​


‘’Thank you so much for coming to Loughborough for our Wellbeing Event. The feedback has been really positive and staff appreciated an event just for them. They were in praise of the different stakeholders and variety of people to interact with. We hope that when we do future events, you would love to be a part of them.’’

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