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Get Fit and Stay Fit

Practical tips leveraging behavioural science to ‘find your exercise groove’.

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This workshop is designed to provide practical guidance on how to find movement you will love for life and how to fit the right type of exercise into your busy day. This session works well as a standalone or alongside our Boost your Fitness workshop.

​Who it’s for:

Anyone who wants to find the motivation to get started on their fitness journey, tweak and improve their current levels of fitness, or get themselves restarted after getting stuck.

What it covers:
  • Why we all want to be fit and what’s stopping us
  • Types of exercise and why it’s so important to vary what we are doing
  • Building exercise plans into your busy week
  • Contingency planning if the plans go awry
  • Behaviour and habit change around fitness and exercise
  • How to stay on track and keep motivated to move
Unique benefits:

Drawing on the latest behavioural science this session delves deep into motivation around fitness and exercise taking a new and fresh approach. It will appeal to participants at all levels of fitness from beginners to fitness fanatics.

Key outcomes:

Participants will leave this workshop with some practical tips on how they can plan their exercise more effectively and change their habits for the long term. This session will also enable participants to start to develop deeper self-awareness around the barriers they may be facing around fitness and exercise and find ways to overcome these barriers.

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