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5 ways health and wellbeing posters can support your wellbeing strategy

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5 ways health and wellbeing posters can support your wellbeing strategy

So you’ve subscribed to the SuperWellness FREE monthly posters and they’ve started landing in your inbox at the start of each month. What do you do with these colourful pdf files? If you look after employee wellbeing in your workplace, there are 5 key ways in which our monthly nutrition and wellbeing posters can support you.

Why do you need workplace wellbeing posters at all?

Before we go into ways you can use the posters, remember that the most effective wellbeing programmes are those that keep the conversation going over time. By drip-feeding regular information, across a range of topics, you’ll give a chance to employees to engage with the content that is most relevant to them personally at the time when they are receptive to it, in a way that a single wellbeing week or event in the year would not be able to do.


How we got to Edition number 35 and counting…

We started publishing our wellbeing and nutrition posters over three years ago (yes, we are now onto poster number 35 at the time of writing this). Speaking to a number of employers had made us realise just how difficult it can be, whether you’re a wellbeing manager, a member of the HR, occupational health or health and safety team, to come up with fresh wellbeing content, in addition to a long list of other responsibilities. So we decided to start building a library of wellbeing posters, which would help us to support employers with this challenge.


What goes into each monthly wellbeing poster

The quality of the content we share in our free posters each month is very important to us. We mainly choose our themes to fit with upcoming global and national health campaigns, although in the summer and festive season, health campaigns tend to be few and far between so we simply go with seasonal topics.

Once we’ve chosen a theme, we spend several days researching it. We collate key findings and advice from the most up to date studies that have been conducted in this area. After several drafts, where the content is reduced to fit into an A4 infographic format, we then send our final draft across to our amazing illustrator. Her creative mind turns what is effectively a lot of information into something we can picture, and therefore more easily take in.

If you subscribe to the FREE version, the content you’ll be getting will be abridged but still very useful. Some of our clients choose to upgrade to our Monthly Plan paid subscription programme to receive the posters a couple of weeks ahead and in their full unabridged edition (along with other resources such as recipes and videos that also fit the theme).


So how can you make the most of your posters?


1.Include them in your employee newsletter or on your intranet

If you already have a newsletter or wellbeing area on your intranet, you can just download the posters and include them alongside any other content you might have. Alternatively, some of our contacts just forward the SuperWellness email with the poster download to their employees – either system works!

2. Print the wellbeing posters and post them in your workplace

For your employees not working from home, having physical posters around the workplace is very powerful. You can print them in A4, A3 or even larger formats if you wanted to (we provide the pdf files in a high resolution so you can do just that). Some of the greatest spots in terms of engagement include the staff kitchen, bathrooms, workplace restaurants and notice boards.

3. Use them for your toolbox talks

If you’re in an industry where your team leaders regularly hold toolbox talks, the posters are a great resource on which to base your wellbeing focused sessions. The content is usually self explanatory and with ready made visuals to help engage the team.

4. Save your wellbeing posters to mark specific health campaigns

Remember to save your posters in a folder so you can re-use them whenever you need to. Planning for Mental Health Awareness Week? No problemo: there are at least 5 posters to choose from, depending on your specific theme, from preventing burnout to boosting mood.

5. Use the posters for individual support

This will be most relevant for occupational health and workplace medical services or any setting where you support individuals who come to you with specific health and wellbeing challenges. Providing quality printed resources alongside your personal advice can be a great way to add value to your employees so think about keeping some printed copies in your filing cabinet which you can just pull out when you need them.


And finally…

We hope this article will help you make the most of our free wellbeing posters for a long time to come. We love to hear about the feedback they get from employees, especially when they help spark conversations about health and wellbeing in the workplace. And of course we love to hear your feedback too, so if you have any suggestions, either for ways we could make our posters even more useful to you, or specific themes you’d like to see us develop in future, then please do get in touch.

So far over 2,000 organisations have subscribed to receive our posters each month. Do you know of colleagues or other employers who could benefit too? Feel free to share this link to let them know about our free subscription.


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