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Supporting Mental Health at Work

Discover tools to foster a positive environment where mental health thrives.

Mental wellbeing
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Unlock the insights into mental health challenges, which affect 1 in 4 people. In the workplace where 55% of people are experiencing increasing demands and 61% report daily exhaustion, the significance of supporting mental health at work becomes crucial. Our webinar is the timely response to this imperative need.

What is it?

Welcome to our informative webinar – a holistic approach to supporting mental health for individuals and workplaces alike, led by Jess, our Psychology Program Manager. Tailored for those eager to boost personal well-being and foster a positive work environment, this session promises a transformative and enlightening experience.

Who is this webinar for?

Perfect for individuals committed to their mental health journey and organisations dedicated to cultivating knowledgeable employees for a forward-thinking workplace atmosphere. Whether you’re a proactive employee, a conscientious manager, or a forward-thinking organisational leader, this webinar equips you with essential tools to support mental health. Tailored for professionals across various industries, from corporate settings to small businesses, seeking tangible strategies for personal and organisational mental well-being.

What the session covers:
  • A short mental health facts quiz: Challenge your knowledge and uncover the realities of mental health.
  • Understanding mental health: Navigate the spectrum of mental well-being, exploring the nuances of thriving and struggling, including essential concepts such as mental health definitions, the mental health spectrum, and the diagnosis continuum.
  • How to recognise decline in mental health: Acquire skills to identify signs of declining mental health, fostering a proactive approach, such as decreased emotional wellbeing, impaired cognitive function, behavioural changes and so on. Learn about mental health resources and guide others toward essential support.
  • Impact of poor mental health on wellbeing: Gain interesting insights into the profound effect of mental health on both wellbeing and job performance. This includes delving into the relationship between stress and mental well-being, understanding its intricate dynamics. For instance, the self-reinforcing of stress and mental health challenges.
  • Evidence-based strategies for individuals: Implement proven techniques to enhance personal mental health, including growth mindset, mindfulness, and self-care discussions.
  • Crafting a healthy work environment: Discover approaches to create a supportive and positive workplace that thrives on well-being.
Unique benefits:
  • Holistic approach: A well-rounded perspective covering personal and workplace aspects.
  • Interactive learning: Engage with quizzes and real-life scenarios for practical understanding.
  • Expert guidance: Led by professionals with expertise in mental health and workplace well-being.
  • Receive a detailed supplementary document post-webinar, packed with additional information and resources to deepen your understanding.
  • Stay at the forefront of mental health in the workplace with the latest insights, strategies, and developments.
Key outcomes:
  • Enhanced mental health: Equip yourself with evidence-based strategies for personal well-being.
  • Workplace well-being: Gain insights to create a positive and mentally healthy work environment.
  • Empowered and knowledgeable Individuals: Learn to recognise, address, and support mental health in yourself and others.

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Nutrition tips for a healthy stress response infographic poster
Nutrition tips for a healthy stress response infographic poster

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