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Mental Health Series: Mindfulness

Practise mindfulness techniques and learn diet tips to minimise stress and anxiety.

Mental wellbeing

Practise mindfulness techniques and learn diet tips to minimise stress and anxiety.

Who it’s for:

Anyone who wishes to reduce stress and anxiety in daily life

What it covers:

This one-hour workshop is rich and diverse in content, and follows a results oriented format, which includes:

  • Key learnings
  • The ‘nutritional nugget’ (practical tips to influence your biochemistry)
  • Introduction to a technique and its practice
  • Discussion & coaching
  • Takeaway practice – committing to a 21 day challenge

In this session we focus on quieting chatter and distractions. Participants are encouraged to learn about themselves:

  • How does our mind work?
  • The power of the subconscious
  • Foods that soothe your mind vs foods that create chaos
  • How to quieten the mind – theory and practice.
  • Mindfulness techniques you can use on a daily basis
Unique benefits:

This is a unique combination of mindfulness techniques and diet tips, providing a highly practical toolkit for dealing with stress.

Key outcomes:
  • A better understanding and awareness of how our mind works
  • Participants gain the confidence to practice mindfulness techniques by themselves when needed
  • Knowing which food choices are best for reducing stress and anxiety
What people say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed both the content and Linda’s soothing and supportive style of presenting. The breathing exercise was a revelation!”


“I completely engaged with this session. The presenter had a wonderful technique which took me to complete relaxation. Has got me wanting more.”


“Was a useful reminder to take time for myself and not feel guilty for doing so. Breathing techniques were great too.”

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