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The Benefits of Plant-Based Eating

7 top tips to get the best from a plant-based diet.

Plant based diet webinar

Large-scale studies investigating diets rich in plant-based foods have emphasised significant health benefits, including reduced chronic disease and increased longevity. But what does plant-based mean and how can we maximise these benefits?

Plant-based eating is a broad category encompassing dietary patterns centred around plant-based foods, typically minimising, or excluding animal products. Options range from the typically researched, Mediterranean and vegetarian eating patterns, to the stricter vegan diet and as the name might suggest, less rigid, flexitarian diet. However, we aim to explain how incorporating nourishing plant foods into daily eating habits can be done in a way that works for you.

Who it’s for:

This workshop is relevant for everyone! If you’re intrigued to understand why plant-based diets are gaining in popularity, want to learn more about how to incorporate plant-based foods into your diet or keen to check in with what nutrients might be lacking in a fully plant-based diet.

What it covers:
  • Understanding your personal objectives in relation to a plant-based eating
  • Getting to grips with what plant-based eating means
  • Compelling reasons that will boost your motivation to up your intake of plant foods
  • Understanding the benefits of different plant colours and their properties
  • Practical tips for everyday life, from preparation and cooking methods to tasty recipes for you to try
  • The benefits and pitfalls of specific plant-based diets
Unique benefits:

This comprehensive workshop is packed with eye-opening information that draws on the most recent research, as well as practical tips, making it hard not to feel inspired to bring more plants into your diet and enjoy the benefits. Whatever your objective, you’ll leave this session with a clearer understanding of why plant-based eating can bring benefits to your health, your wallet and the planet.

Key outcomes:

This fascinating session aims to educate even the most sceptical meat eater, whilst supporting those who have embraced a solely plant-based diet to avoid any pitfalls. As you will learn we can all benefit from the power of plants.

What people say:

“It was really motivating to learn about the specific health benefits of different pigments, among many other things. I will definitely be counting my colours from now on!!”

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