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6 Steps to Post-Menopause Health

An action plan for life after the menopause.

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More and more employers are aware of the impact of the menopause at work, and are taking steps to facilitate conversations and provide relevant support. There is however still a long way to go and one often overlooked but critical topic is the post-menopause stage.

Starting after 12 consecutive months without menstruation, this phase makes up nearly 40% of a woman’s life, and brings with it a very different set of challenges and health risks from the menopause and peri-menopause. If you are a menopause aware workplace and you wish to build further understanding and offer even more impactful support, our new workshop offers essential insights on a vastly under-addressed topic.

The aim of this eye-opening session is to address this significant gap by raising awareness of the specific health issues associated with this phase of life, and offering evidence-based advice to help prevent and improve them.

Who is our 6 Steps to Post-Menopause Health Webinar for?

Anyone who would like to widen their understanding of menopause and the very different stages involved. Although this session is particularly focused on the impact of the final phase it will be useful for all to increase their knowledge of menopause for themselves or for the benefit of loved ones.

What our 6 Steps to Post-Menopause Health Webinar covers:
  • What is happening in the body post-menopause: Whilst menopause and perimenopause (the transitional period before the menopause) are marked by huge fluctuations in hormones and symptoms, post-menopause sees hormones begin to settle down. Post-menopause typically kicks in at 51 and it can be earlier due to surgery or drug treatments. Although this time comes with improved hormonal stability, lower oestrogen in the body significantly increases certain health risks.
  • Acknowledging the emotional impact and why grief can be felt during this time.
  • 7 key health issues: From heart disease to hot flushes and insulin resistance to the impact of stress, there are important risks to be aware of in the years following the menopause.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): Following the negative reports from the Women’s Health Initiative (2002) we examine why this study was flawed and HRT should not be overlooked. We discuss the risks and benefits and highlight safe forms to consider.
  • Action plan: Our 6-point plan explores the role of diet, including specific supportive nutrients, along with the importance of exercise (and which type), stress reduction, and more, to maximise enjoyment of life and minimise post-menopausal health risks.
Key outcomes:

Participants will leave feeling prepared for the journey ahead or the one they are on. It’s essential we are all armed with information to support ourselves and loved ones on this inevitable path that can be both empowering and difficult. Importantly, understanding health risks is the first step to avoiding issues in later life.

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