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Summer Wellness

Sunshine, picnics, holidays… let’s dive into this fascinating and in-depth tour of summertime wellbeing.

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Summer wellness webinar

Sunshine, picnics, holidays… let’s dive into this fascinating and in-depth tour of how to stay fit and healthy in summer.

What the summer wellbeing workshop covers:

Summer is filled with opportunities to boost our wellbeing. Don’t miss this session, designed to help you make the most of these warmer, light-filled days to come as well as side-step some of the pitfalls. We’ll be looking at:

  • Sun health – Vitamin D is a serious multitasking vitamin, boosting physical and mental health. Get the low-down on how to maximise Vitamin D synthesis safely and protect your skin from sunburn and other risks.
  • We’ll also delve into other fascinating benefits of sunlight, from boosting serotonin (and therefore mood and sleep) to reducing virus transmission
  • Summer foods: the good and the bad! We share tips to enjoy delicious picnics and barbecues whilst minimising common pitfalls, from hidden sugars to charred foods, with plenty of delicious recipe ideas
  • Vitamin N: how to reap the all-round benefits of nature and the great outdoors, including ideas for exercise to stay fit
  • Keeping hydrated in the summer heat
  • What to do about hayfever – why it happens and tips to reduce symptoms
What people say:

“Very informative session which covered a wide range of topics. The content was really interesting and I learnt a lot, especially about the benefits of Vitamin D. It’s given me the information and steps to have a much healthier summer!”


“Lots of great information and helpful tips to have a safe and healthy summer.”

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