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FREE Health and Wellbeing Calendar

To Access our 2023 Wellbeing Calendar for health awareness days and campaign dates please click here.

Planning your health and wellbeing strategy for the months ahead?  Our health and wellbeing calendar is a great place to start. Using global and national health awareness campaigns provides a strong foundation for your wellbeing strategy, ensuring your health promotion messages are relevant and on-point.

Request your FREE pdf copy by completing the form to receive our wellbeing toolkit. We’ll email your calendar across along with a free pack of wellbeing resources to support your employees in the months ahead.


  1. Start by picking the key health campaigns you’d like to promote in your workplace. Some of the most popular wellbeing awareness days in the coming months are:
  • 2022 health and wellbeing calendarJanuary: Veganuary / Dry January
  • February: National Heart Month
  • 4th February: World Cancer Day / Time to Talk Day
  • 19th March: World sleep day
  • 15th – 21st March: Nutrition and hydration week
  • April: Stress awareness month
  • 7th April: World Health Day
  • 8th April: International Women’s Day
  • 28th April: World day for safety and health at work
  • 18th – 23rd May: Mental Health Awareness Week
  • 8th – 14th June: Diabetes week
  • July: National Picnic Month
  • 20th August: Cycle to work day
  • 6th – 12th September: Know your numbers week
  • October: Stoptober
  • 7th- 14th October: National work life week
  • 10th Oct: World mental health day
  • 1st October: World menopause day
  • 7th – 11th October: Back care awareness week
  • November: Men’s health awareness month / National stress awareness Month


  1. Plan wellbeing activities that will engage your workforce

Look for a mix of approaches to suit different learning styles and reach the widest possible employee audience such as:

  • Wellbeing posters (by completing the form you will receive a new workplace wellbeing poster each month.)
  • Health & wellbeing workshops and webinars (get in touch to request our menu of topics)
  • Employee health checks such as blood pressure checks, body composition testing or blood tests such as Vitamin D, Cholesterol and Blood Glucose
  • Wellness Challenges to create a buzz and some friendly competition
  • Wellbeing Roadshows with a mix of drop-ins and activities held on the same day.


  1. Promote your wellbeing strategy across the organisation

Planning your health and wellbeing calendar will make it easier to communicate your strategy to employees and get senior management support for your wellbeing strategy. Promote your employee health campaigns and activities well in advance to build anticipation and engagement.

A monthly wellbeing newsletter is a great way to keep up the momentum – it takes time and consistency to create and embed a culture of wellbeing. Looking for fresh, high quality seasonal content? Check out our Monthly Plan paid subscription package!

Don’t miss out on your Health and Wellbeing Calendar!

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