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Winter Wellness

How to stay healthy this winter – including tips for immunity, mental health and food & exercise motivation. 2 versions for Festive Season/New Year.

General wellbeing

How to manage your winter wellbeing this season, including tips for immunity, physical and mental wellbeing and food & exercise motivation. Choose from two versions: how to make the most of the festive season / getting back on track in the New Year

Who is the winter wellbeing workshop for:

Anyone wishing to stay healthy and feel at their best throughout the winter season, whether it’s navigating the festive period or getting motivated in the New Year.

What it covers:

Winter can be a more challenging time for our health. Colder and darker days setting in can affect our immune system, our mood and motivation to follow healthy eating habits and exercise. Don’t miss this winter wellbeing session, designed to set you up for the months to come:

  • Pick up winter wellbeing tips relating to the 4 key areas of food , drink, exercise and mental wellbeing
  • Learn how best to strengthen your immune system and fight off winter bugs
  • What is seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and how to minimise its impact on mood?
  • Pre-festive season version: how to navigate the pitfalls, temptations and added pressure during the festive period (and why the traditional Christmas dinner is actually healthy for you)
  • New Year version: 12 steps to regaining vitality, including how to do a gentle body detox and replenish key nutrients
What people say:

“This was an enjoyable session which made me think more clearly about what I want from this time of year: Christmas party fun but without feeling run down and tired for days after!”


Well paced, great slides, informative and really enjoyed the presenter, kept me engaged for the duration.”

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