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SuperWellness Pulse April 2024 Edition

The Latest Insights & Strategies in Workplace Wellbeing

SuperWellness Pulse April 2024 Edition

Welcome from our CEO Angela Steel

“I’m thrilled to welcome you to our first edition of SuperWellness Pulse. Since SuperWellness began in 2011, there’s never been a better time to promote the importance of workplace wellbeing. I’m in awe of all the hard work our clients and our own team invest in an area they believe in passionately. That’s why our aim with the Pulse newsletter is showcasing the amazing achievements and updates which all contribute to making workplaces healthy and positive places to be.”
Angela Steel founder

News & Updates

Take a look at our brand-new webinars launching this month!


Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace
Unlock the insights into mental health challenges, which affect 1 in 4 people. In the workplace where 61% of workers report daily exhaustion, the significance of supporting mental health at work becomes crucial. Our webinar is the timely response to this imperative need.


4 Pillars of a Positive Mindset
Ever wondered why people facing the same challenges can have vastly different experiences? The answer lies in the 4 pillars of positive mindset, an evidence-based toolkit for personal empowerment and optimism.


Embracing Neurodiversity
With neurodiverse individuals comprising up to one fifth of the global population, more employers are realising the importance of an inclusive workplace. If you are looking to promote understanding around neurodiversity within your organisation, this webinar provides a comprehensive introduction both for colleagues and managers.

Mental Health First Aid Training with Elliot

This mental health first aid in the workplace training is run by an MHFA England Accredited Instructor, and trains individuals to act as a point of contact for employees who are experiencing poor mental health or emotional distress.

At SuperWellness, we now are running Mental Health First Aid training with our Wellbeing Strategy Consultant, Elliot Foster.

Our training will support learners to:

  • Gain the knowledge and skills to spot the signs of a colleague experiencing poor mental health
  • Be confident starting a conversation and signpost to appropriate support
  • Understand the boundaries of the role

Once you complete the Mental Health First Aid course, you can test your knowledge and build your confidence in your role as an MHFAider® with the internationally recognised MHFAider® qualification, RSPH Level 3 Award in Mental Health First Aid.

If you would like more information about booking onto our Mental Health First Aid Training click this link today!

Last month, we returned for our fourth year to Health & Wellbeing at Work at the NEC on the 12-13th of March.

It was wonderful to see some of our lovely clients at the event and sharing all our upcoming topics and offerings for 2024.

And finally hosting our SuperWellness workshop with Ellie Crane called “Stretch & Revive: Simple Practical Tools to Relax & Energise the Body”.

Welcome Ijyll

We’d like to introduce you to Ijyll Vasquez as the newest addition to our Administration team!

Iyll’s clear communication and positive attitude not only foster strong relationships but also cultivate trust with clients, making every interaction a seamless and satisfying experience.

We are thrilled to have you join us, Ijyll

SuperChamps Incentive Programme

Our SuperChamps programme is designed to develop wellbeing leaders from every type of industry and organisation. We have cultivated a community of passionate and active champions who strive to promote workplace wellbeing. We support our champions by providing monthly guest speaker meetups with the latest experts in wellbeing strategy, as well as continuous resources to help them grow as wellbeing leaders.

We have an exclusive preview of our brand-new SuperChamps portal! This programme has been designed to reward our wellbeing champions for excelling in their workplace. With the chance to earn points by accessing toolkits, attending meetups, obtaining CPD certificates, and sharing photos of their wellbeing campaigns. Plus! By sharing their success stories for extra bonus points.


Client Insights

Last year, we interviewed one of our esteemed wellbeing leaders, Sarah Van-Zoelen, Head of Occupational Health at Loughborough University, all about her work with Superwellness. Here are 3 key take aways from her interview.

The challenge is time

“So, when I joined, so I started at Loughborough not quite five years ago, and when I started there wasn’t really a wellbeing function for staff. We are a higher education institute, offering for students is spectacular but for me it’s about levelling that kind of weighted approach that actually if you don’t look after your staff, you’ve got nothing to offer your students.

As an employer, one of our big challenges is time, everybody loves to be busy, busy it seems to be a defining characteristic these days and fitting in wellbeing is tricky but for an organisation this size and with this diversity, communication to everybody is an ongoing challenge in getting that message across, which is why we try many various different options available to just try and share that message all of the time. It’s an ongoing challenge. I don’t think I’ll be out of a job just yet.“

Large-Scale inclusive support

“We’ve got our Wellbeing Champions and every month we upload the different resources from SuperWellness, which is amazing. We really focus on the fact that because Loughborough is such a complex and huge organisation, every area manages things differently. Some people love printing it off and shoving posters up on the wall because that’s what they’ve got access to.

Other areas like are all very laptop based and need access to email functions and you know other areas have don’t have either particularly and use it as part of that team leader updates for that for their group. So again, the thing for us is the diversity that just allows people to communicate with our teams very specifically because they’re all so different.”


Empowerment, for me that’s massively key in how SuperWellness has helped in my role. I don’t think anybody’s set out to be unwell, feel rubbish, not know how to manage health conditions, not know what to do for the best.

You’ve got loads of influencers here, there and everywhere selling all sorts of crazy stuff and I think getting a consistent message out there is really important and to show how that consistent message can help people on their health journey and by making small changes tends to mean people commit to it better and can see that development and start to feel better amongst themselves and all you want for people is to feel empowered and well, because if you’ve got a happy workforce, you’re on a winner.”

Click here to watch Sarah’s full video

Managing Menopause in the Workplace

If you’re currently working towards becoming a menopause-friendly workplace, you will know that there are many different aspects to think about. A single webinar or training session probably won’t be enough to create the shift you need. It’s a process that requires planning, training at manager level, and practical, relevant support offered to those actually experiencing menopause.

As workplace wellbeing experts, we’re thrilled to offer a range of support to organisations on their journey to becoming menopause-friendly workplaces. Our comprehensive menopause package incorporates five different elements of essential content for your whole organisation.

The package includes a 30-minute strategy support discussion with our workplace wellbeing strategy consultant. This opportunity can be utilised for advice on creating your strategy, building a menopause awareness action plan, or other key strategic support.

Also included is our two-hour CPD accredited management training, designed to improve awareness and understanding of the complexities of menopause and its implications. This session also provides leaders with practical and effective ways to fully support their teams.

We’re delighted to also be able to incorporate two webinars designed to target those directly impacted by menopause. Between them, these workshops cover the spectrum of menopause from peri to post!

Our understanding and embracing the menopause session shines the spotlight on early menopause symptoms. Known as the peri-menopause, it’s a time of hugely fluctuating hormones impacting sleep, mood, brain health, and much more. Our post-menopause session focuses on the mental and physical impact of reaching menopause, when the ovaries finally stop producing estrogen or progesterone and menses cease.

Here we focus on the impact this has on an increased risk of health conditions such as osteoporosis and heart disease and how HRT might help. Of course, in both workshops, we highlight key nutrition and lifestyle advice.

The final element is our comprehensive content pack. This fabulous toolkit contains additional resources to enable active continued support within the workplace through posters, recipes, toolbox talks, and signposting.

This comprehensive and inspiring menopause package ensures you can offer something to everyone and provides you with a joined-up approach as part of your journey to becoming a menopause-friendly workplace, from planning and management training to providing practical, relevant support to those experiencing menopause.

Click here to learn more about managing menopause in the workplace.

Client Testimonials

“This workshop was an amazing success, thank you for sorting from your side and Francesca for a good, honest workshop. It was very well received by colleagues, who are still engaging in conversations, some of which are very emotional, this has been positive to allow colleagues to feel able to speak up and out.“

“Really enthusiastic and interesting presenter, good level of engagement activities, correct length for an awareness session, definitely feel more equipped about how to support colleagues.”

SuperWellness Little Book Nook

The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

Designed by best-selling author and motivational speaker, Mel Robbins, the 5 Second Rule is a simple tool that undermines most of the psychological barriers your brain employs to hinder you from taking action, enabling you to procrastinate less and reach your goals.

The Happy Menopause by Jackie Lynch

This guide empowers women to create a personalised menopause diet tailored to their unique symptoms. Nutrition plays a crucial role in supporting a healthy menopause, but a generic approach isn’t effective.
Each woman experiences menopause differently, so a bespoke approach is issential.

Emotional Agility by Susan David

The journey to fulfillment, in both professional and personal life, seldom takes a linear route. Drawing on two decades of research, psychologist Susan David introduces emotional agility – a transformative approach empowering individuals to navigate life’s unexpected twists with self-acceptance.

In our next edition…

Join us next time for SuperWellness Pulse!
  • Learn about how to become an effective wellbeing manager from our latest webinar on Wellbeing for Line Managers.
  • Discover key insights into supporting wellbeing in the education sector from our clients at Forth Valley College, Susanne and Karina.
  • We look forward to our next wellbeing event at The Watercooler Conference at the Excel London

See you in our next edition! Team SuperWellness x

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