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The past few years have been a deeply challenging time for organisations. They have had to grapple with an unprecedented pace of change, which has placed the spotlight firmly on people management skills, the central role of wellbeing and adaptability in the fluid environment of hybrid working.

At the same time, line-managers play a key part in shaping an organisation’s wellbeing culture. In fact, the latest CIPD wellbeing report identifies management style as the 2nd highest cause of work-related stress. And yet, only just over half of organisations train their line-managers to understand how they can identify, prevent and reduce stress in their team in their role as a line-manager.

Wellbeing course structure

This training course aims to equip managers with the understanding, knowledge and skills to support and promote a healthy working culture within your organisation. Ensuring the success of your organisation’s wellbeing strategy. Structured as a half-day workshop for up to 15 participants, the wellbeing-centred line management training combines knowledge sharing around the most recent wellbeing trends and recommended practices, with discussion, reflection and the opportunity to complete a personal action plan to take away.

3 key

Half day workshop tailored to your organisation

Equip line managers with the understanding, knowledge and skills to support and promote the success of your organisation’s wellbeing strategy. Combines knowledge around how they can help create a healthy working culture, with discussion, reflection and practical planning.

PART 1 – The Value of Wellbeing

  • Why does wellbeing matter?
  • Evolving role of the manager
  • New and emerging workplace challenges
  • Introduction to our Wellbeing-Centred Line Management model

PART 2 – Wellbeing-Centred Line Management

  • Understanding the psychological concepts around how work influences employee wellbeing
  • Authenticity – how it promotes a healthy working culture
  • Role-modelling & self-care
  • Open and supportive communication
  • Importance of adaptability
  • Psychological safety

PART 3 – Building Wellbeing-Centred Line Management Skills

  • Role play/case study – courageous conversations
  • Action planning – Identifying gaps, implementing, evaluating and improving

“The sessions were very good – highly interactive and some great discussion evolved around wellbeing within the workplace. We hope to make good progress towards a Wellbeing strategy from this great start.”

Head of Health & Safety, Real Estate Management

“It was good to listen to the team bring their issues out in the open which shows that people were comfortable doing this in the session. A sign that the session was thought provoking.”




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